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Hi BlackSpire Studio!

Can i use this pack to publish a game on Play Store?

looks like something PixelFrog would make.

Very cool.


Hi, BlackSpire Studio. We used your sprites on a game we made, and we gave you credit for your sprites. 

Here's the game where we used your sprites:

Thank you so much for sharing these sprites.


I used your "torch on wall" sprite in my game:

Thank you!!

Hola!! muy hermoso puedo usarlos para un juego?

Hello BlackSpire Studio!

Tell me, is this a CC0 1.0 (Medieval Pixel Asset) license?



This is the license for this asset,

This looks so cool, good job!

Thank you for sharing and making this available for free.

I wrote an article about Why Do Indie Games Use Pixel Art. In it I included your image, credit to you and a link that redirects back to this page.

If you don't desire to have the image or link included please notify me and I will remove it immediately. 

Wow!! Great articles!  

There's no problem,  thank you for mentioning us!



Is this 16x16 tileset?


48x48 pixels!


Wow lovely work here.


Wow what a nice looking pack! AMAZING


Thank you! We are working on new assets on the same style! Some are out today!